For Authors

If interested in Contributing please email with author and mentor information


1. Freely available for all especially those not in US to access quality, conscience, practical knowledge on a mobile friendly website.

2. A place for young doctors, medical students to contribute and be recognized as authors on peer-reviewed website contribution to boost there CVs for residency application.

3. if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind (this will hence be free forever)


1. Peer reviewers to review chapters/sections in their respective fields

2. Mentors - to help our residency applicants to write and edit chapters/sections

3. Find good residency applicants and help them boost their CVs


1. Acknowledgment in author section will be given once contributed 700 words + 6 Figures/Tables (1 fig/tab = 50 words )

2. Responsible for updating the chapter for 2 years

Writing Style

1. Bullet points really conceive writing (fewer words the better, as if making a powerpoint)

2. Add figures/tables where possible

3. Mobile friendly in mind

4. Further reading: Link to an excellent review article (preferably open access)

5. Refer to Sample chapter

6. Create Orderset

7. Add a review and case discussion article link as Further Reading


This website is share along with Google Drive folder one common workplace

a. Please access only the chapter you will work for editing

b. Feel free to view other chapters for writing guidelines and reduce redundancies

c. Feel free to contact/email section editors and cc me for suggestions